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Yubikey: Early Impressions

I recently obtained two Yubikey security keys to boost my personal and professional . I picked up one Yubikey Bio and one Yubikey 5 NFC. They recommend that you always have a backup in case you lose one, and from what I had learned, I wanted the Bio in several services that would support it, but also the 5 NFC for other services and for mobile NFC authentication.

It’s now been a week, so here are some initial thoughts.

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This isn’t the only place I’m posting my writing. I’m also posting to and Tealfeed. These are other knowledge sharing networks, free to use, and both with options to set your own blog as the canonical URL.

Here are the early pro’s and con’s of each:

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Web Browser: Microsoft Edge vs Chrome

It should come as no surprise that my web browser of choice is Microsoft Edge, given Microsoft’s offering is my choice in almost everything (except Microsoft News which I don’t like at all).

This was not always true. The previous version of Edge was not great for me. Internet Explorer before it was very bad, not just for me but pretty much everybody. That changed when Microsoft opted to rebuild Edge based on the Chromium open-source code base. It now has all the best parts of Google Chrome including themes, extensions, and the rendering engine.

On top of that, it does a few things I like better than Chrome.

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OneDrive: the Family Plan Loophole

When you get a Microsoft 365 Home plan, you get 1TB of OneDrive storage per user. That’s a good amount of storage, but you might want more. For example, I have a lot of photos going back almost 20 years. Tens of thousands of photos. A significant subset of those also have copies of the original RAW file taken from the DSLR, which are much larger. 1TB is a lot, but it’s reasonable that even for typical consumer purposes you might hit your limit.

Microsoft Office logo

Fortunately, there is a bit of a loophole that you can get up to 6TB of storage at a very reasonable price.

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Security Essentials: Multi-factor Authentication

I typically have two main pieces of advice for basic information that anybody can and should do.

  • Use multi-factor authentication everywhere it is offered
  • Use a password manager to generate good passwords, remember them, and make your life easier with auto-fill

I’ll look at the benefits of a password manager in another post soon. But first, let’s look at multi-factor authentication.

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