Visual Studio Code: Grep

This is a quick post about a feature I discovered by accident in that I really like:

I was working in a Linux machine and ran a grep in the integrated terminal to find a particular piece of code. The terminal gave me the results in the usual way, with the file names highlighted, the line in the code, and a bit of the code around what I searched for. Then I happened to scroll over the file name in the results and it showed me a tooltip offering that I could open the file by holding Ctrl and clicking on the path.

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Browser Extension: Stylus

The stylus extension is a new addition to my browser (Edge, available for all Chromium browsers). The core idea: it allows for changing stylesheets on websites while you browse without actually changing the server.

This might be because it’s a website you don’t own. Get really annoyed at the new Twitter font (I actually really like it)? Write your own stylesheet so that whenever you’re browsing you see something else.

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Domain Change

This site is now instead of I felt that it was more representative of what this site has evolved to become. It is a repository of my technology knowledge and experience. It isn’t just about the rare freelance work that I do under the Alliteration Applications banner. Many of the blog posts came from personal study, personal projects, and (generalized versions of) work done within a full-time job – not from Alliteration Applications at all.

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MySQL Workbench

You know what desktop app made the largest improvement to my workflows when I discovered it? Not Visual Studio Code, as much as my writing sometimes hypes it up as my preferred text editor. There were already good text editors.

No, the desktop tool that made the biggest improvement to my workflows was MySQL Workbench. If you work with databases at all, this will make your life so much easier than navigating those databases in a command line.

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Web Hosting Distinctions

There’s a confusing thing that has come up with several clients who don’t know all the intricacies of website work (completely understandably; that’s why they pay me). When we talk about hosting services around website work, there are a few different things we could be referring to: the domain, the DNS, the website content, and email. To make it more confusing, sometimes all of them are with the same provider and other times they’ve divided up in different combinations.

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CiviCRM: Personal Campaign Pages

Have you ever taken part in a non-profit fundraising event where you get your own personal webpage that you can direct people to as a way for them to sponsor you directly in the event? Personally I am happy to participate in the Coldest Night of the Year every year, which does have this type of system (not in CiviCRM).

In the language of CiviCRM, these are Personal Campaign Pages. While CiviCRM does offer this functionality, it has some major holes in it. Like a few areas of CiviCRM, it feels like somebody threw it together quickly and then mostly forgot about it. Consequently, I had a hard time ever recommending it as a good solution, even if a client was already heavily using CiviCRM happily. Here’s the official documentation.

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“This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly”

You may be browsing a website – your own or somebody else’s – and see this error:

“This page can’t load Google Maps correctly. Do you own this website?”

It also has “For development purposes only” as a watermark repeating over the whole map.

This error has become pretty common in the past few years. It comes out of a change in Google policies. Previously, you could use the Google Maps API to put a map on your website with no extra charge. You did not need to have a credit card on the Google account. That has changed. There’s no notification, so you won’t notice this unless you happen to visit the map on your website again, which most people rarely do after it’s been designed.

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