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Drupal: Sync Configuration

Having a workflow that keeps your code in sync across development, staging, and production servers – like in the series of GitLab DevOps posts I’ve been sharing recently – is important. But that doesn’t synchronize the database, which contains two major subcategories: configuration and content. It also doesn’t synchronize user-uploaded files, but that’s a subject for a different post.

Fortunately, Drupal 8 introduced a new system for syncing configuration across copies of the site.

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GitLab DevOps: GitLab Runner

This relates to the GitLab DevOps process. can automate deployment to a server, meaning that you do not have to log in to that server separately to pull the changes and carry out any other needed steps for the installation.

But there’s a catch: if your server is not publicly-accessible, such as behind a VPN, which is pretty common for development and staging servers, you’ll need to install a runner. This is because GitLab cannot initialize a connection to a hidden server, so the server will have to start the connection instead.

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GitLab DevOps: PHP Lint

Here’s another piece in a GitLab DevOps setting: when code is committed to , I want to run a linter on the custom code folders of Drupal (modules and themes) to make sure there aren’t any glaring syntax bugs that snuck through. My personal favourite error is when a “:wq” gets inserted into a file trying to exit vim, after doing all the testing.

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