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PHP: XDebug in VS Code

XDebug is a helpful tool when debugging code. XDebug is a step debugging tools that helps you inspect functionality of PHP code in a cleaner way than regularly writing dump/log statements.

I will not get into details here about setting up XDebug on a server, but you can find that with some Internet searching. Instead, this post is about how to use XDebug within .

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Drupal GitPod Container 1: .Dockerfile

GitPod is a great tool for cloud-based containers when developing. If you’re developing and want a safe and efficient cloud container to try things out, it’s a pretty good way to go. You even get 50 hours per month for free, which is pretty great if you only need occasional side project and not full-time work. It also works with Visual Studio Code – although that has not been working for me lately – so you can use it in the browser or in your desktop editor. When you browse to a or repository with the extension installed, there’s a simple button that will launch the container with that repository’s code, making it quick and easy to see how it works as well as make changes.

In this mini-series I describe how I created a generic Drupal-friendly container working with . It is available in my GitHub. Note that since is some code I may continue using over time, the code there may change beyond what is covered in this article.

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Windows 10: Hosts File

Configuring a hosts file on your computer allows your browsing traffic to go to a different server than is listed by public DNS. This can be essential for a few scenarios, such as:

  1. migrating a site to a new server and needing to test it before changing the public DNS
  2. development on dev/staging servers which do not have public DNS listings
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Visual Studio Code: Grep

This is a quick post about a feature I discovered by accident in that I really like:

I was working in a Linux machine and ran a grep in the integrated terminal to find a particular piece of code. The terminal gave me the results in the usual way, with the file names highlighted, the line in the code, and a bit of the code around what I searched for. Then I happened to scroll over the file name in the results and it showed me a tooltip offering that I could open the file by holding Ctrl and clicking on the path.

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MySQL Workbench

You know what desktop app made the largest improvement to my workflows when I discovered it? Not Visual Studio Code, as much as my writing sometimes hypes it up as my preferred text editor. There were already good text editors.

No, the desktop tool that made the biggest improvement to my workflows was MySQL Workbench. If you work with databases at all, this will make your life so much easier than navigating those databases in a command line.

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