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This is not my usual type of content for this site, but I was reminded of it from a Mastodon conversation and wanted to put it somewhere more or less permanent. Before building the latest iteration of my church’s website several years ago, I put out the question on Twitter for what information people want before they would consider visiting. I sent those to the church leadership and still had the document, so I looked it up to summarize those questions again below:

Sunday Worship

When does the service begin and end?

Is there a nursery for infants and toddlers? Something for children and youth?

Are children welcome in the service, even if they make noise?

Is there adult education?

What’s the (usually unspoken) dress code?

Is there parking? Bike racks? Transit nearby?

Where’s the main entrance?

Is there coffee available?


Is the building accessible with a wheelchair?

Is there assistance for those with hearing impairments?

(You could add more specific disabilities)

Are women or non-binary people involved in leadership? Could they be a pastor?

Do you have a gender neutral washroom?

Could an LGBTQ+ person be your pastor?

Would your pastor marry a same-sex couple?

How well does the racial demographics of the church match the wider community?

Other Ministries

Is there a youth group? What do they do? How often do they meet? What’s your understanding of youth discipleship?

What areas of social justice and community work do you do?

What social groups can I join?

What about Prayer groups? Or Bible study groups?

Rental of Facilities

Can I use the space for weddings or concerts?

Do I have to be a member?

How many does it seat?

What does it cost? Is there any discount (or free) for indigenous groups whose land you are on?


Most did not want a full statement of faith on every possible question, but they wanted to know key values of the community that shape how the church tackles all those other questions.

Are you starting from the love of God or from an inerrant Bible or something else?

Is there a denominational affiliation?


Can I donate online?

How do I contact someone and who do I contact for what needs?

Can I see a calendar of upcoming events?

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.