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SimplyTest.Me: Drupal Project Test

Have you ever wanted to test out a Drupal module without actually installing it on your site? SimplyTest.Me is the answer. All you have to do is pick a module or theme, including a specific version, that you want to test and it will generate a sandbox site for you to check it out. It’s fairly comprehensive and spins up the sandbox within a few minutes.

As with many similar tools, whether this is useful to you or not depends on your workflow and your team’s requirements. If you are the sole developer and you have a safe testing environment already, you’ll have a more complete test by going ahead and installing the module on your test site. That way you can see not only how the module operates but also how it interacts with the rest of your site. But if you are just checking something out to get the basic idea of a module, especially a more intensive module like Drupal Commerce, or you don’t have your own playground site, then this can be a good first step.

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